Organized and Clear Process

At Bill Smith Building Company, Inc., suspense dates are given to each buyer in order to make sure that the flow of construction is not interrupted. This important checklist details the decisions by date as they apply to the construction process. By knowing well in advance when critical decisions must be made by, the buyer remains focused on decisions as they are needed and breaks them down over a period of time, minimizing disruptions in the building process.

  • Organized Suspense Dates keep you on track
  • Organization of contract and paper work
  • A complete set of house specifications

We also provide all change orders to the buyer with a breakdown of additional costs for sign-off prior to commencement of work. That way, no customer is surprised by costly add-ons at the final closing of their home.

Accessible and Articulate

Strong communication creates good customer experience.

At Bill Smith Building Company, Inc., we believe that effective communication creates a good customer service experience. We build effective communication between our clients and our contracted experts. Our language is clear and definitive.

  • Friendly and Articulate Personnel
  • Next Day Email Communication
  • Scheduled Photographs Posted for Online Viewing
  • Expert Communication with Plumbers, Electrical, etc.