Detailed Budget

Too often, potential homeowners are presented an unrealistic budget only to have the builder consistently increase the charge during the building process.

At Bill Smith Building Company, we calculate the cost of your home with accuracy. We do not gain clients by enticing them with unrealistic numbers, but develop our business through trust and honest talk.

Furthermore, we will keep you on budget. During the building process, we will constantly keep you informed of the financial impact of any changes you might wish to implement.

The end result is a beautiful home with no surprises.

Detailed Procedures

As one of the most experienced builders in Rhode Island, we possess the building code knowledge for constructing a home in a coastal area and have the respect of local building officials.

Detailed Materials

For many builders, it is customary not to list the exact make, model, and price of all building materials. With Bill Smith Building, we feel it is important and proper to educate our clients about the materials they are purchasing. By the end of your building experience, you will know exactly what materials make up your home and why they were chosen.

Detailed Schedule

Some builders gain contracts by offering unrealistic production schedules. The result is often an agonizing delay and loss of trust between the contractor and client.

At Bill Smith Building, we create realistic schedules and stick to it. We create honest and accurate deadlines so you get into your home on time.